Crochet League

Crochet League


to the crochet game

  • We want to gather all the crocheters in the world in one place to show off their skills in a fun and enjoyable competition
  • This is a unique platform where your crochet work gets a lot of attention and a worthy reward
  • This is a place with maximum level of motivation for learning new things and reaching new goals in crocheting
  • Join us! ☺
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are very simple

  • You receive a crocheting task
  • Each task comes with a detailed tutorial
  • You complete the task and receive a reward in the form of rating points
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of the game

  • There are several leagues from absolute beginners to advanced masters
  • At the beginning, everyone starts with the easiest league and can gradually achieve the right to move to the next more difficult one
  • It doesn't matter what your crochet skills are, you can find a league that suits you and compete in it with other participants of your level
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rankings system of the game

  • For completing tasks, you receive rating points that affect your place in the league various rankings
  • There is a global ranking of all users and also each league has its own ranking
  • Your goal is to score more points to be at the top of the ranking
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subscription cost is free

  • After subscribing, you will get access to many beautiful, interesting and high-quality crochet projects with detailed schemes and tutorials
  • All your results will be checked and moderated by our managers
  • We plan to constantly add new beautiful projects so that you will always have something to do and be inspired
  • Step by step, you will improve your crochet skills and climb the ranks of the best crocheters in the world


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should you join right now?

  • This is a unique platform and the only one in the world game for those who love to crochet
  • You will join the world community of crocheters
  • Also, you will be able to score more rating points and be on the higher rung of the rating if you join now
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